Tropie gave me a sketchbook! So here’s my first attempts at Mabel (regular and sock hop edition).

Mr. Kyoshi Knope and Wife, Sima


I haven’t worked from a reference for a while, and I’ve always wanted to draw Liu Wen, so.

I haven’t drawn for like three months, so: some warmup sketches.

Not necessarily trying to draw any characters, but as per usual there’s always someone who it ends up reminding me of as I go.

Such a good influence.

(for mer)

Peggy Olson

I might try to color this later, but I’ve gotta stop cuz this already took like an hour and a half to get to a place where I felt it actually looked somewhat like her and not a very old lady. Damn the subtleties of your face, Elisabeth Moss!!

Rachel Menken. I actually… really like this? !?!?

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When I was a kid, my classmates told me I was a good drawer. I was serious about being an artist until my mid-teens, but I never had faith in developing new skills. Now it is ten years since I spent any time or effort on art, and I'm giving it another go. This time I plan to learn.
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